Welcome to Royal Kings School

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another” – G.K. Chesterton


Welcome to Royal Kings School, We hope you will come visit us and see for yourself how we seek to develop everyone’s character and talents by encouraging young boys and girls to reach their fullest potential.


Royal Kings School is committed to creating a community of self-aware students who deliberately and effectively engage in candid conversations. In becoming culturally competent, students working towards creating a more socially just and forward thinking world.


We are flexible and understanding of busy family lifestyles. We aim to fit our school around your needs. Our staff are always helpful, considerate and keen to help.

Royal Kings School

Royal Kings School is an educational institution dedicated towards the upliftment and holistic development of South Africa’s youth. Believing that these individuals are in possession of our nation’s future success, it is our esteemed endeavour to equip them with the vital skills and values that they will need to flourish within a rapidly changing society and world at large. We believe that children are valued members of our communities; worthy of receiving the very best we have to offer in terms of academic enrichment and exposure to experiential learning opportunities, both on the sports field and in the realm of dramatic arts. It is our belief that each child is in possession of a unique talent which, when guided by teachers who truly care, can make for indelible contributions towards the creation of a better society. At Royal Kings Schools, we therefore take seriously the responsibility to ensure that each learner feels seen, acknowledged, engaged, and positively affirmed throughout each phase of their educational journey. Furthermore, we aim to encourage and inspire each child who attends Royal Kings Schools, to explore the limitlessness of their own potential by nurturing their innate capacity for curiosity and creativity. In this way, it is our privilege to aid in the facilitation of independent-thinking, self-aware, intrinsically motivated future leaders, who are also in possession of a keen willingness to better the lives of those within their communities by embracing principles of compassion, tolerance, empathy, and integrity.