Our Profile

Head’s Welcome

Royal Kings School Krugersdorp seeks to be a caring community based upon Core principles, developing the potential of young children in an atmosphere of enthusiasm, enjoyment, safety and security. We aim to provide a rich variety of educational experiences and we encourage both individual care and respect for others.

As the Head of Royal Kings School, I hope you will come and visit us and see for yourself how we seek to develop each individual’s character and talents by encouraging young boys and girls to reach their fullest and best in every way with every good wish.

 Head of School

Achievement through learning

This motto, anchors this community, as we push each learner and one another towards excellence, to the edges of what we know. Our close relationships create a safe harbor in which young people can explore and test their emerging strengths, passions and voices, and can begin to discover their true selves, knowing they will always be accepted for who they are.

Teaching intentionally – that is, taking care to draw connections, to connect the dots between disciplines, to encourage learners to contemplate ideas, and not just facts – is a cornerstone of RKS’s program. We are fortunate to have an enormously talented and professional staff who live up to this expectation and live it out each day in the classroom, on the field and in all of their interactions, large and small, with our learners.

Explore our web site. Learn more about our remarkable programs and culture. And then, please come to our school to see and experience it all for yourself.  I look forward to welcoming you and helping you to discover whether RKS Krugersdorp is the right educational home for your child/ children.

Mr. Wandela Nelson CEO Royal Kings School

At A Glance

Royal Kings School is a coeducational, independent day school for strong and motivated students in grades R-12. We were established in 2013 and registered with the Gauteng Department of Education and Accredited by Umalusi. We value academic and co-curricular excellence, ethical citizenry, and meaningful relationships with learners and their families.  Small classes are taught by exceptional teachers who encourage learners to engage both widely and deeply in the commerce, arts and sciences. As a result, RKS learners become confident communicators; resourceful problem solvers; and innovative and ethical leaders of tomorrow.

It is our vision and mission to branch out and offer quality education to all children across South Africa.

Royal College is the first school which was established in 2013, we started with less than 150 learners.  The school catered for both Primary and High School.  The school grew at a rapid pace and we opened our second branch a year later.  Royal College now caters for grades 8 to 12 and Further Education Training (FET) courses; ranging from N3 matric, computer courses and Engineering courses.

The sister branch; Royal Kings School Florida was opened in 2014 and caters for Grades R –12.  We utilize the CAPS curriculum and offer various extra lesson/classes.  We also offer extramural activities which enables learners to develop on a social level.


Our newest addition of branches is Royal Kings School Krugersdorp, which will be running as of January 2018.  The same quality education will be offered, by highly skilled, experienced and passionate educators.




We believe that education is an investment, and it is the responsibility of parents and educators to ensure that all children receive the high-quality education we offer.


Pledge of Service

The management of Royal Kings School Krugersdorp is committed to quality education. We undertake to educate, equip and empower your child with skills, knowledge, aptitude and respect.  We will uphold equality and integrity for all.  We will ensure that our educators are qualified, experienced, passionate and skilled in what they do.  We aim for our child to leave our institution intellectually and socially equipped and empowered with possibility.

Mission Statement

Royal Kings inspires learners to excel and to lead lives of integrity and involvement by nourishing their talents in a community of teachers, friends and families.

Core Values

  • Demonstrate honesty, integrity and respect
  • Learn with passion and perseverance
  • Embrace intellectual curiosity Care beyond self
  • Take personal responsibility
  • Work hard, take risks, become involved


School Motto

Education with Possibilities

  • A promise to enable and encourage each individual/learner to reach their full potential, regardless of their current ability and to create a mindset that everything is attainable and achievable despite the odds.

What we offer

  • Aftercare learners are able to complete their homework in a relaxed environment and receive extra lessons. We also offer down time by involving learners in fun activities. Prepacked meals are also provided.


  • Physical activity at Royal Kings School Krugersdorp breaks down into:

P.E. lessons which included Dance, Swimming, Athletics and aerobics.

Games lessons: Generic ball-skills, hockey, rugby, soccer, netball, cricket, rounders, tennis

Extra-curricular activities: football, rugby, netball, rounders, athletics, swimming, choir and dance.


  • Creative Arts

Art at Royal Kings School Krugersdorp is an exploration of the senses. Children’s talents are valued and nurtured in a warm and inviting environment.

Extra-curricular activities have included Ceramics, Recycled Art, Painting and Drawing, Batik and Crafts; the door is always open to those keen enough for even more!

Drama is one of the great forms of human expression. Our drama education at RKS begins naturally in the Early Years with learning through role play; eventually, it includes many elements of theatre.

Music and Dance We believe music and dance is for everyone; everyone can delight in music and learn to be a musician at their own level, whether simply for enjoyment or as a passion for life.

·         Learning Support

Many children benefit from additional support at some time during their school life whether for educational, social or emotional needs. We strive to be responsive to the particular strengths and weaknesses of all our pupils in order to give them every opportunity to reach their full potential.

The Head of Learning Support works closely with parents, class teachers and teaching assistants to ensure any concerns are identified and closely monitored. Initially, needs are addressed within the class setting by appropriate differentiation and TA support.

Continued concern may indicate further specialist assessment by the Head of Learning Support in order to build a complete picture of a pupil’s learning profile. With this understanding, support can be tailored more specifically to ensure progression in weaker areas and to continue to develop areas of strength, and so confidence, self-esteem and independent learning are nurtured.

Experienced teaching assistants work with small groups and individuals to give specific support under the guidance of the Head of Learning Support. Learning Support Teachers work one to one with pupils who need more specialist input. We work closely with outside agencies, such as educational psychologist, speech and language therapist or occupational therapist, when further specialist assessment or intervention is indicated.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Directors is the guardian of the School’s mission. It is the Board’s responsibility to ensure that the mission is relevant and vital to the community it serves and to monitor the success of the School in fulfilling that mission.

Role of Trustees

  • Support and promote Royal King’s mission, vision, and strategic goals.
  • Select, support and nurture the Head of School.
  • Set policy and focus on long-range and strategic issues. An individual Director should not become involved directly in specific management, personnel, or curricular issues.
  • Stay fully informed about current operations and issues by attending meetings regularly, coming to meetings well-prepared, and participating fully.
  • Make RKS Krugersdorp a top philanthropic priority and generously support the RKS Fund and capital campaign.
  • Understand RKS’s financial statements, capabilities, and needs.
  • Be familiar with the School’s bylaws and operations.
  • Accept and support Management decisions.
  • Listen carefully, communicate respectfully, and keep all Board deliberations confidential.


Diversity and Inclusion

Royal Kings School Krugersdorp is committed to creating a community of self-aware students who deliberately and effectively engage in candid conversations. In becoming culturally competent, students will work toward creating a more socially just world at RKS and beyond.

We highlight the diverse contributions of everyone at our school. While our mission of learning to honor everyone’s perspective is steadfast, we know that the journey there is by no means a straight and perfect line. In fact, we have discovered that the dips and turns along the path to equity and justice provide us with the best lessons in discovering how to be our best selves.
The work of inclusion and cultural competency skill building rests on the foundation of our mission statement. We believe that the only way we can truly inspire students to lead lives of integrity is to integrate our mission into our core and extended curriculum.

Our Aim

At Royal Kings School Krugersdorp, we believe that all children should have an education that encourages, motivates, supports and inspires them to be the very best that they can be.

We seek to extend the learning experience of all pupils, including those identified as More Able and Talented (MAT) or as having SEND, through an expansive program of in class and extra-curricular activities.

We recognize that children demonstrate abilities and talents in diverse fields; they may have high ability in one area, be all-rounders or have unusual abilities. We seek to identify individual strengths in each and every pupil (at whatever level that might be) and then establish an appropriate ‘RKS Accelerator’ to stretch every child as per his/her own individual area of strength.

Our enriched curriculum is focused on recognizing, nurturing, rewarding and celebrating both developed talents and aptitudes, and potential. Here at Royal Kings School Krugersdorp, an excellent teaching environment is characterized by:

  • an ethos in which learning is valued for its own sake,
  • stimulating content which motivates students,
  • varied teaching methods which cater for different learning styles,
  • an emphasis upon higher order thinking skills and learning about learning,
  • opportunities for risk taking and independent learning,
  • high expectations;
  • The challenge to extend learning beyond the classroom, and the encouragement to engage with the wider learning community beyond the school gates.

Our approach is essentially holistic – provision to develop and extend talents and aptitudes is placed in the context of the development of the ‘whole child’, whose well-being and sense of personal fulfilment are as important as, and integral to, stretch and challenge.