How do you capture everything about the sporting life of Royal Kings School in just a few sentences? How do you explain the breadth of opportunity that exists in PE lessons, Games Lessons, matches and activities? How do you convey the approach which aims to be totally child-centred, rather than results-orientated; that tries to give every child as many different experiences as possible and tries to instil an enjoyment of a variety of physical experiences that will last far beyond school life itself?

When a child leaves Royal Kings School, what does success look like in a physical/sporting sense?

  • The child enjoys being active – in many different ways – and wants to continue being involved in those many different ways in the future.
  • The child has a “can do” attitude towards sport and physical activities and has an appreciation that having a go (and sometimes not succeeding) is not a bad thing.
  • The child has already started to work out the sort of activities that they enjoy most, developed through exposure to a wide range of different activities – team, individual, mainstream, unusual, creative, etc.
  • The child has plenty of experience playing organised team sport and has already learnt many things in that setting: winning and losing, team-work, enhanced self-esteem, working towards a collective goal, social skills, etc.

Physical activity at Royal Kings School breaks down into:

P.E. lessons: Gymnastics, dance, swimming, athletics,

Games lessons: Generic ball-skills, hockey, rugby, football, netball, cricket, rounders, tennis

Extra-curricular activities: football, rugby, netball, rounders, athletics, tennis, swimming, judo, dance