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Roya Kings School Online Application

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In addition to the application, students must also submit:

Previous School Report and Transfer Card  Please have a parent or guardian sign this form before submitting it to the school.

Teacher Recommendations – The applicant’s current English and math teachers SSAT should complete recommendations Form.

Entrance Tests

Applicants to our Intermediate Phase (gr. 4-7) are required to take the School Ability Test, Eighth HL, and Mathematics Test. These tests are designed to assess the applicant’s aptitude, not their level of achievement, and therefore, preparation is necessary. The English HL and Mathematics Tests are 40-minute timed each, multiple-choice assessment and are administered by the Admissions Office at the school on select dates.

Please click here for registration form.

Statement of Confidentiality

All application documents are confidential and intended solely for the Admissions Committee and those deemed necessary by the Director of Enrollment Management. Application materials may not be viewed by or returned to parents at any time during or after the admissions process

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.