Grade R

‘We do not stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.’ George Bernard Shaw

Early childhood is the vital foundation on which everything is built.

In the Early Years at RKS we provide a playful, joyful experience for our children. Our aim is first and foremost for the children to develop important life skills such as curiosity, creativity, persistence, imagination, confidence and resourcefulness.

When children have an outstanding experience in these early, formative years, it shapes their whole life-long attitude to school and to learning. This is why we place so much emphasis on providing an environment which meets child’s individual needs and which can be adapted to meet the whole spectrum of learning styles and capabilities.

The Early Years at RKS offers children the crucial unpressurised time to prepare for school; time for them to develop as individuals, form relationships, make sense of their world in their own unique ways and develop their innate creativity and love of learning.

Our youngest children learn through interactive experience and are given many opportunities to work on exciting topics over an extended period of time. This is seen most clearly through our Creative Curriculum and our exciting topic work, where a single lesson can cover all areas of the curriculum, from Creative Development to Mathematics and Understanding the World.

Our passionate, inspirational staff are powerful advocates for the children and families in their care. Staff have the necessary intuition, emotional warmth and ability to see the uniqueness of each child entrusted to them. Our teaching focuses on encouraging and sensitively supporting child initiated activity and modelling skills with a strong focus on developing and supporting language and social skills.

Our environment is highly organised to promote informed choice, creativity and independence, with the outdoor environment being equally as important as the classroom.

Never content to stand still, we take a strong lead on innovative practice such as the development of Outdoor Education within our beautiful grounds.  Partnership with parents is given very high priority. Our parents often see staff as being sources of information and support on a wide range of issues. Parents are always welcomed.