At Royal Kings School, we believe that all children should have an education that encourages, motivates, supports and inspires them to be the very best that they can be.

We seek to extend the learning experience of all pupils, including those identified as More Able and Talented (MAT) or as having SEND, through an expansive programme of in class and extra-curricular activities.

We recognise that children demonstrate abilities and talents in diverse fields; they may have high ability in one area, be all-rounders or have unusual abilities. We seek to identify individual strengths in each and every pupil (at whatever level that might be) and then establish an appropriate ‘RKS Accelerator’ to stretch every child as per his/her own individual area of strength.

Our enriched curriculum is focused on recognising, nurturing, rewarding and celebrating both developed talents and aptitudes, and potential. Here at Royal Kings School, an excellent teaching environment is characterised by:

an ethos in which learning is valued for its own sake;
stimulating content which motivates students;
varied teaching methods which cater for different learning styles;
an emphasis upon higher order thinking skills and learning about learning;
opportunities for risk taking and independent learning;
high expectations;
The challenge to extend learning beyond the classroom, and the encouragement to engage with the wider learning community beyond the school gates.
Our approach is essentially holistic – provision to develop and extend talents and aptitudes is placed in the context of the development of the ‘whole child’, whose well-being and sense of personal fulfilment are as important as, and integral to, stretch and challenge.